Aspire Home Health
An Orthopedic Home Health Agency



Why choose Aspire Home Health?

Our nurses and therapists specialize in orthopedics. Furthermore, our therapists continue to treat patients in an outpatient setting, which provides a better understanding for the continuity of your care, even beyond the home health setting. We invest in your health.

Who chooses which home health agency to use?

You do, in consultation with your physician. According to Medicare, "a patient is free to choose any qualified agency offering him/her services.

What services are covered under Medicare? 

Home care services are covered 100% by Medicare with no copayment required for patients with documented difficulty to leave their home. Home care is also covered by other insurance plans as well, although some may not cover your care 100%. It is always recommended to call your specific insurance company for information regarding your home care benefits.

One of the main requirements for patients to receive services paid for by Medicare is that they are “homebound.” Homebound means you have an inability to leave home and, therefore, leaving home requires a considerable and taxing effort. Occasional absences from the home are permitted as long as they are of short duration. For example, doctor appointments, family reunions, funerals, religious services, or graduations will not disqualify you from home health services as long as they do not indicate you have the ability to obtain services in a setting other than your home.

What is the Medicare "Homebound" requirement for home health?